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RE:VOLUTION - Shimizu Kazuya by NeonRemix RE:VOLUTION - Shimizu Kazuya by NeonRemix

:iconre--volution: :iconre--volution: :iconre--volution:

Shimizu Kazuya | 清水和矢

    ❯❯ AGE: 23 years
    ❯❯ GENDER: Male
    ❯❯ HEIGHT: 1.80 mts
    ❯❯ WEIGHT: 65 kg
    ❯❯ BIRTHDATE: February 28th
    ❯❯ STAR SIGN: Pisces
    ❯❯ DISTRICT: Nakasu (中須)
    ❯❯ EDUCATION: University student. Electronic Engineering.
    ❯❯ VOICE: Sato Takuya - VA
    ❯❯ TEAM: eyesore
    ❯❯ TAG TATTOO: -not yet-

Step into the mind…

    ❯❯ FRIENDLY | Kazuya exhibits a warm disposition towards social interactions, not minding the company of people in his day to day life and being open to conversation with strangers. He’s amiable and protective of his friends and doesn’t have any problems with taking a liking to new acquaintances and strangers. 
    ❯❯ INTUITIVE | He goes for what his gut says in most decisions he has to take. Despite his rational upbringing, he remains instinctive at his core.
    ❯❯ INDECISIVE | Due to his overall instinctive way of life, he finds himself often in situations where he can’t just make up his mind. Be it in new specs for Mordecai or what to wear, he can come off as terribly slow to make decisions, specially when under pressure.
    ❯❯ SELF-CRITICAL | No one judges him more harshly than himself. He is remarkably harsh when making mistakes.
    ❯❯ STUBBORN | Once his instincts kick in and he does make a decision, he remains steadfast. It’s not easy to make him change hims mind once its set.

Looking back, it's been a good ride so far…

    Born out of wedlock, Kazuya grew up with a single father and the constant presence of his grandparents and uncles. Despite his core family being somewhat incomplete, he had a balanced childhood, and even though he asked his father every once in a while where his mother was, his father never ever spoke ill of her. To this day Kazuya hasn’t met her but his questions have subsided as much as his need for her presence. He doesn’t hate her, he is just indifferent. Maybe what changed this whole deal was when his father found a perfect match who he married when the boy was 11, and the woman was everything he could ask in a mother. Loving and caring to fill the gap left in his heart, yet stern and demanding to teach him to strive higher and work harder.

    They lived a modest life. His dad, an avid fan of sci-fi, owns a hobby store in town, one where Kazuya helped out for as long as he can remember, handling stock and sometimes even helping with clients. The boy was good with words and had a warm friendly attitude whenever behind the cashier, knowing the regulars by name and always making sure to remember little details to make them feel right at home.

    Balancing work and school was a bit of a hassle and the boy was quick to trade his social life for one of family and academic accomplishments, but even to this day he still wonders if it was the best decision. Kazuya was good with numbers and his grades showed that, but the years passed by without making many friends in any of his schools. He was always polite and friendly when approached but with his limited free time and his tight schedule he often saw people drifting away soon. When he became a junior in high school he received a surprise, his parents advised him to continue his studies, knowing the boy would once again put the family's needs ahead of his own, offering to even pay his studies with savings his father had collected since the day he was born. With his family's support Kazuya decided to try it out, applying for an electronic engineering at one of the island's universities. His family suggested the lad to experience life the way other young people did, so he moved out and is living on his own ever since, taking odd jobs and part times to gather enough money to pay his bills. 

    During his years working in his father's store he saved enough money to pay for his own Allmate, Mordecai. The fun he experienced during his first months with it motivated him to go into his engineering program of choice. Once in university he first experienced Rhyme, which fascinated him. Since then he has been interested in the topic, trying to constantly keep Mordecai current with parts. He sees Rhyme like a sports competition, trying to keep personal emotions away from the experience.

Additional Information

    ❯❯ Fascinated by technology, Kazuya has a good grasp of most things related to it. He enjoys working on coils and allmates above all, finding them the most useful and practical devices available at the moment.
    ❯❯ Has a strong fixation with bright clothes, often including them in his outfits, however he doesn't consider himself brave enough to dress on them from head to toe.
    ❯❯ From a young age he has been dextrous assembling models with great care and finesse, something he still enjoys in his free time.
    ❯❯ Really likes suits but finds them far too formal and expensive for day to day wear.
    ❯❯ Takes onto freelance gigs every now and then fixing coils and customising allmates.
    ❯❯ Tries to avoid rush hour madness at all costs, often staying for hours in coffee shops, book stores or electronics stores to wait until the crowds dissipate.
    ❯❯ Nearsighted. His glasses may look for show but they aren't. He hates contacts because they make his eyes terribly itchy.
    ❯❯ Isn't a very good cook but can make a mean cup of coffee.
    ❯❯ LIKES
    • Machines
    • Electronic Music
    • Black Coffee
    • Bright Colors
    • Fruit flavored e-cigs
    • Keeping up to date
    • Interesting Facts
    • Gadgets

    • Gray Skies
    • Cicadas
    • Losing his glasses
    • Rush Hour, crowds and traffic
    • Being without his Coil

    ❯❯ FEARS
    • Needles

Mordecai | 相棒

    Laid back || Sly || Resourceful || Charming || Affectionate || Energy efficient

    RE:VOLUTION - Mordecai - COIL by NeonRemix
    ❯❯ ALLMATE: Mor-DK.
    ❯❯ SPECS: Canine frame, Corgi model. Pup custom.
    ❯❯ VOICE: Shiraishi Minoru - VA
    ❯❯ GENDER: Male

    ❯❯ NOTES
    • Due to his energy efficiency, Mordecai goes into sleep mode if he's without any stimulus for 10 minutes. When this mode has been prolonged for longer than an hour, his system requires analog wake by pressing gently on his nose.
    • When loading information Mordecai's ear twitches in short intervals.

Time for a little heart talk...

    MORDECAI | Kazuya and Mordecai's relationship is one of mutual benefit. Kazuya bought Mordecai when he turned 18, since then he has been upgrading modules as he gets his hands on, trying to keep Mordecai's specs up to date. Mordecai respects Kazuya's skills and knowledge and has learned to deal with his positive and negative traits, often knowing to advice retreat places near the times of day that Kazuya loathes so much without any cue on the matter; or to balance out his master's lack of rational consideration for decision making, making apps like flip coin and magic 8 ball his most used. 

    MIKIO | Mikio is Kazuya's best friend, tho some might argue otherwise considering their interactions. Despite the fact that the guy can very easily annoy him he has found himself surprised by the amount of trust they have for one another.  

So you want to RHYME?

    ❯❯ AVAILABLE FOR RP: Skype, Chats, Google Docs.
    ❯❯ RP PREFERENCE: Short Lit. Casual.

    ❯❯ TUMBLR: Coming Soon
    ❯❯ TWITTER: Coming Soon  

    ❯❯ RP SAMPLE
    Staring at the projected screen of his coil, Kazuya continued reading the local news while sipping a cup of coffee, no sugar and with a hint of milk. Mordecai rested curled beside his chair. There didn't seem to be anything interesting going on so far, only the news of increased traffic thanks to the school year starting and some other information with little relevance to his day to day life. He skipped most of the content until he got to the tech news, finding a particularly interesting article when a small screen popped up accompanied with that annoying ringtone his friend had assigned himself. He sighed and touched the answering button.

    "Hallo, you." He said, his voice barely amused. A hand reaching for his pocket to pull out earphones, it was a little annoying to bother others with his talking to the coil, it was after all, a little too loud for his taste. Pulling them out and plugging them in, he continued. "Ah-- sorry, I was putting on my earphones. So... yeah. you're late." There was little annoyance in his voice, as if he was already used to it by now.

Sound Box

    ❯❯ RHYME SONG: 

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Is it okay for me to draw him on my zodiac chart? v@
NeonRemix Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure Too. Go right ahead. I can't wait to see him.
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Silent-Songs Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i want to rp with you 

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NeonRemix Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Then let's do the thing, Silent! Let's rp!
Silent-Songs Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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NeonRemix Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Google docs, but you can also add me on skype if you want o u o
I'm gloryvillalobos there.
Sigme Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014
He looks great Neon! I hope you get in!
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A-chama Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
Neooon your chara is a babeeeee!!!! I hope Hibiki and Kazuya get along ;a;
NeonRemix Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes yes! We have to play and make them get along <><>
A-chama Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014
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MidNightsCastedAngel Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Student General Artist
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NeonRemix Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Midnight!~
His allmate is a lazy butt, but he's cute, that's for sure.
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